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H Series Ballast


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Some of our H Series Ballast:

Trigger output voltage: 23 KV typical
Trigger input voltage:> 280 V AC

Output open / short-circuit protection: shut down automatically in 1.5 sec;
end of life Lamp voltage:> 120 V AC True RMS square Wave water proof

Standard: the main: 90 X-79 X-high 32.3
Ultra-thin: the main: 70 X-63 X-high 13
Gao Yabao: 57.5 X-32 X-high 24

High efficicency>83%(13.5V DC), compact design, output short/open circuit protection, ignitor separated from main ballast, water proof, constant power output, competitive price.

For the control of HID lamps, car batteries from the 12 VDC (DC) to a 23 KVAC and 85 + (-) 17 VAC (AC), and can allow HID Sustained and stable to light lamps, it is required for the provision of power and control, HID lights to complete the normal lighting operations.

Ballast using military grade imported materials, non-performing rate of below 1% This product by the Chinese People's Property Insurance Company underwriting

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