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As a fast-growing high-tech enterprise with research, manufacture and services integrated, Mikrouna constantly contributes innovative products to clients around the world. Mikrouna has taken the lead in developing HID Lighting Production Line and technology, which enables Mikrouna contributing significantly to modern Xenon HID and LEDHeadlight mass manufacturing industry in China.

Mikrouna’s 60 engineers apply their expertise in a number of disciplines including mechanical, electronic, chemical, Physics, welding, instrument, vacuum technology, hydrodynamic, energetic, optical-electronic and materials engineering.

Mikrouna’s products include Super Purified Glove-box, Vacuum Deposition System, HID Lighting Production Line, Auto Xenon HID and LED Headlight, Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide Lamp (CDM), and matched Electronic Ballast, etc. Mikrouna’s main products currently have a dominant domestic market share, and some products have been exported to Europe, America and Asia.

Development History

1997 Mikrouna (China) Co.,Ltd. was registered in Hong Kong.
1998 Beijing Mikrouna Mech. Tech. Co., Ltd. was registered in Beijing.
2002 Mikrouna has developed large modern Auto Xenon HID Lighting Production Lines.
2004 Mikrouna has established the professional modern plant in Pudong Shanghai and manufactured several large modern Auto Xenon     HID Lighting Production Lines for several large Chinese enterprises.
2005 Mirkrouna produced Xenon HID bulb and ballast.
2006 ISO/TS16949:2009 was been introdued into the enterprise.
2009 Guangzhou Mikrouna Mech. Tech. Co., Ltd. was registered in Guangzhou.
2012 American branch was established in Boston and named VTI; Registered trademark in Germany.
2013 Hubei branch and 60 acres of modern plant were established in Xiaogan, Hubei Province; Mikrouna achieved industry 3.0 and ERP     information management.
2015 Mikrouna vigorously promoted the industry 4.0 process and established the Internet of things; Mikrouna produced LED.
2016 Mikrouna enlarged plant in Jinshan district of Shanghai;Mikrouna got E1-- HID.
2017 DOT– HID approved.

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